Protect the Bush Alliance

Protect the Bush Alliance (PTBA) is an alliance of organisations and individuals that are working together to protect the flora and fauna of Queensland from the increasing threats to our biodiversity as a consequence of land clearing, mining and other activities. PTBA is currently sponsored by BirdLife Southern Queensland.


  • To advocate for the protection of areas of high conservation value.
  • To identify and encourage activities that improve the understanding of the importance of biodiversity and other environmental values.
  • To facilitate the collection of biodiversity data in areas of high conservation value

Action Priorities

  • Advocate for the improved protection of areas of high conservation value and high biodiversity through submissions, lobbying and other appropriate actions.
  • Conduct and facilitate surveys and collect data on the biodiversity of areas of high conservation value under threat.
  • To work with landholders and communities to encourage a greater understanding of the importance of conserving areas of high conservation value on private land.
  • Examination of proposed changes to conservation legislation, and submission of recommendations to relevant Government Departments.
  • Develop stronger connections and work with member organisations to advocate for the strengthening of environmental legislation.


Membership is open to any person or organisation that endorses the aims. There is no membership fee but it is expected that member organisations will:

  • Distribute the PTBA newsletter to their members directly and/or via links to the PTBA website.
  • Invite their members to participate in PTBA activities
  • Leverage the expertise in member organisations to contribute to PTBA and member activities.

Members will have a wide range of views on other issues, but will work together to achieve improved conservation outcomes. To join PTBA, please fill out the membership form and send to the Coordinator or contact PTBA.

Meetings are held every two months and all members are welcome to attend. Members are invited to get involved in PTBA activities such as animal or plant surveys, campaigns, photographing threatened areas, helping to write submissions on issues threatening our bush and its biodiversity. The Alliance needs volunteers to participate in and support our activities.

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