Examination of proposed changes to conservation legislation, and submission of recommendations to relevant Government Departments.

Protect The Bush Alliance  members examine proposed legislation changes and write submissions discussing the proposed changes. Submissions can be found under submissions http://ptba.org.au/articles-and-news/submissions/.

The diverse membership of the Protect the Bush Alliance means the group can draw on a wealth of experience in a number of different conservation areas.

PTBA members will work with similar umbrella organisations and long-established, widely-respected environmental lobby groups to make recommendations on proposed legislative changes as well as to create proposals for new legislation to further the specific objectives of their organisations, biodiversity protection and conservation more generally, for formal presentation to government departments.

PTBA keeps its members abreast of current areas of environmental concern, and encourages proactivity, whether it be writing emails, letters and submissions, meeting with their elected representatives at a local level, or drawing up action plans within their communities.

Whether we are working collectively towards brand new legislation; making formal recommendations about reform of existing legislation; or lobbying against inappropriate and potentially high-impact proposals in their early stages, PTBA members are part of a team effort at various levels to inform, opine and maintain the pressure of obligation on legislators.

Let us know if you’d like to be involved. You can do this easily from our contact page.




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