Biodiversity surveys of Priority State Forests

PTBA members are conducting surveys of state forests of high biodiversity conservation value to fill information gaps before development begins. Priority is being given to those areas most immediately threatened by CSG extraction and other invasive activities.

Field Survey May 2013

One such survey of Apsey property (purchased in 2012 as National Park) is described here:

click to download: Apsey Field Survey Flyer pdf

The aim of this survey was to conduct flora and fauna surveys on the Apsey property (15km north of Inglewood), an 8,000 ha site which has been purchased by the State Government as a future National Park. Our goal was to highlight the conservation values of the property and build the case for its gazettal. The focus of the May survey was birds (especially honeyeaters, but other species as well) and developing a flora list for the site.

You can download a synopsis of the survey here.

and view a video here.

A complete survey report will be available here soon.


Let us know if you’d like to be involved in a future survey, please complete our questionnaire which is available here.


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