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Parts of Queensland are under unprecedented pressure from mining and development.  Australia is already grappling with a major extinction crisis, exacerbated by unchecked resource extraction in parts of Queensland that are largely out of sight and out of mind.  Through its survey activity, the Alliance has a clear mandate to protect threatened species.  The Alliance has partnered with a wide range of organisations and is able to draw upon a growing network of volunteer Alliance botanists, zoologists and ornithologists throughout Queensland.

The Alliance has recently secured funding from the Gambling Community Development Fund to support the coordination of surveys in areas under threat from inappropriate development such as mining. Alliance members will be visiting select State Forests in spring 2013 to add to the species records for these special places. This work will help build a case for their long-term protection.

Details of scheduled surveys will be posted on our Facebook page and here our website.

The benefits of these surveys include:

1. Unearthing of the real level of species diversity found in parts of Queensland directly threatened by resource extraction and development.

2. Improved landholder understanding of, and an ability to sustainably manage, endangered and vulnerable species found on their properties.

3. All survey outcomes — especially the identification of new plant and animal species, new populations of threatened species and threatened vegetation communities – will be added to the publicly accessible WildNet database, managed by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. WildNet underpins decisions made about the conservation of threatened species, and which is interrogated when making decisions about the importance of future National Park or other protected area acquisitions.

4. Greater protection of Queensland’s unique plants, animals and vegetation.

5. An increase in the capacity of project partners to access important information about, and therefore advocate for, high conservation areas in Queensland.

All survey outcomes will be shared with the respective land managers of the sites surveyed, as a means of improving their management of threatened species found on their property.  All survey outcomes will be shared with the public, other environmental NGO’s, natural resource management regional bodies and indigenous groups working with the Alliance to protect and conserve surveyed sites via a community-based public forum.

If you would like to participate in a survey, you will need to complete our online PTBA Survey Registration form.

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